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September 27 2014

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Spontaneous posing in Vienna

September 06 2014

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"Freedom" Believe it or not this is an actual recruiting advertisment from the austrian police force. Should i be worried?
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August 30 2014

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Praying to the WiFi gods at
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August 24 2014

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Doing the pointing thing while pointing at Camp++ and standing in the rain
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Vienna to Komarom, Hungary using nothing but a cardboard
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Vienna Underground

August 17 2014

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Awesome schoestrings are awesome! Blacklight makes them even moar awesome!
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August 05 2014

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Meanwhile at Metalab Vienna
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We all feel like a chair sometimes, left alone in the woods, somewhere in Prague, used and abandoned....

August 04 2014

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Clearly a beginner since the sign is too small :P

July 25 2014

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Sunset at Modersohnbrücke Berlin
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Found some fourty year old vintage tech!
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Looks retro but its 2014
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Spending a week at Charite Berlin hospital
Quit smoking after 17 years and started writing again
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das T-shirt
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A real Kewagi in Itzehoe

June 24 2014

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Supermarkets throwing away perfectly edible food: Spring onion, leek, mushrooms, paprika, cabbage, coriander, bananas, shallot, watermelon and potatoes. 
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In the house where I am currently staying I can learn some Finnish :)
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